My 40th birthday is around the corner and how do I choose to celebrate? By signing up for the marathon. In Napa california…. wait isn’t that wine country? Yes you say. Then why aren’t we taking a limo through and tasting the wine instead of running in the heat and the dust and the snakes (yuck). May I suggest instead of water stations we have wine stations. Ah yes wine stations… first red then white.

Why am I running? For IBD irritable bowel disease. That silent killer chronic illness that just sucks. I don’t have it but my family does and they are miserable. So for me to go through a little pain for wine I think I can deal.



Smart people do what

Well I’m back and its taken a long time. Running that is its been off and on for the last twenty years. You see I have to have something to run for or from, I’m not just one to go out and exercise for the fun of it. So after a year from hell I am running again. I’m not alone. I have this thing that likes to run with me his name is duke and sometimes his sister dusty. Dogs they are dogs and I am running for a reason.

So after a year from hell why start now? Because I feel like crap most days I can’t get past the fact that people I care about are hurting more then I am. So I run let my mine wander. But you see I am a crappy runner too… I am only a fair weather runner I hate being cold so I go indoors to get my workouts in. Wait I can’t take the dogs… So out I go again with the dogs for a walk after I run.

People in my life who are hurting worse than I am are people like my sisters who both have ibd or irritable bowel disorder, ha ha I’m talking about gross nasty stuff right there. So I’m going to run for them for this event. Chrons disease event in Napa California in July. I put this out there so I have a goal on paper because like everything else in the last year I have a terrible way of just not doing it and putting it aside.

So I’m running 13.2 freaking miles through wine country. I wonder if they will let me stop and drink? Hey I can ask right. 13.2 is a long way…. Even for me have I mentioned that I ran 6 on Sunday that’s half right ? Ok go with that.

Running is something I have done for ummmm 35 years (without giving out my exact age) and this time for a cause, perfect now to get off my butt and do it.

Cheers everyone I’ll see you on the trail I’m the girl with the two really big dogs.