Bolder Boulder

Yes I ran the bolder boulder was it fun? Yes was it unlike anything I have ever experienced yes.  It was crazy, fun, intense, demanding, yes all of the above. Music, beer, food, jumbotron and hills… of course they leave the biggest one for last. I was averaging 8 minutes a mile. Of course per my fashion I logged into the wrong heat and my official time got disqualified:( typical with my luck.

From the water slides to the costumes to the crowd would I do the largest 10k in the country you bet. I even got lucky and got to meet some of my #teamchallangedenver racers on course!!! Wooohoooo go team challange. For those who do not know ibd is a crappy disease it makes you sick when you don’t look sick. So I ran for them, I’m paying for it today Oh my am I paying for it today but my pain is nothing compared to the people who deal with ibd on a daily basis. As I was told “I hate running, but I hate ibd more”


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